Mint is one of the world’s most active startup studios - we are a company that builds companies. Sometimes we do it alone and sometimes we do it with established businesses and entrepreneurs whose domain knowledge we channel into products that disrupt industries.

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“When I first met Mint I had an idea for putting images on marshmallows. Six weeks later, I had sold £10,000 of them in a week.” - James Middleton, Founder

Magical personalised gifts. Shipped worldwide for free!

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“Mint has helped The Rights Xchange at all stages from idea, to prototype to a live trading system used by TV professionals around the world. They have been like a co-founder, investor and developer rolled into one.” - Matthew Frank, CEO

International marketplace for television rights.

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“As a small team developing a complex product, the ability to draw on Mint's knowledge and experience from dozens of real-world products means we can remain very lean. Mint is our secret weapon.” - Adam Rogers, Founder

Craft and small-batch drinks delivered to your office.