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A Fabulous Place to Work and Grow

agency and ventures

Agency and Ventures

We are an agency that puts a lot of effort into venturing. We’ve had two exits and have two more ventures in play. Our ventures give us freedom to explore and to learn... and to strive to hit the high notes.

always learning

Always Learning

We love to hire autodidacts and skill-seekers. Mint offers an environment of mutual support and freedom to experiment. If that sounds like somewhere you’d thrive - we’d love to hear from you!

autonomy and purpose

Autonomy and Purpose

We look for people who have a proclivity to take ownership. And then we offer autonomy to make full use of that ownership.

independent and crazy

Independent and Crazy

In the last 12 years we’ve won 14 awards, written and performed 3 plays, and sponsored 1 alpaca. We’ve got a happy tradition of combining creative excellence with a streak of the absurd.


Tea and Empathy

We're a fun team that always looks out for one another. Whether we’re making each other tea, or lending a helping hand on work, we’ve got your back.


Web App Weekender

Every year we disappear to the countryside for a product development competition. It’s now a week long, and you don’t have to build a WebApp, but the name stuck.

Hall of Fame

We are proud, amazed and delighted by the achievements of Mint alumni

I worked at Mint for 7 years and now have my own company in which Mint is a significant shareholder. This qualifies as ‘career progression’. I only applied for a 6 month internship.

Adam Rogers, CEO


Mint's a great place to work with a wonderful sense of community. I met my business partner at Mint and a whole bunch of friends I’ll have for life.

Kaye Symington, Co-founder

Paved With Gold

Mint took a chance on me. They taught me how to work with big clients, they encouraged dreaming up new products, and best of all, they looked after me like family.

Ron DeVera, Software Engineer


Mint is absolutely world-class. The people are remarkable, the creative freedom is unparalleled, the projects are super-fun, and there’s space for you to grow like you’d never imagine.

Andre Souza, Human Interface Designer