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Is Mint a recruitment agency?

No, but we do think web design & development recruitment is broken.

At Mint we’ve never used recruiters to hire for design or development roles. The reason is straightforward: we trust our own expertise more than that of someone who has never worked with us.

It’s worked out pretty well. Mint has been operating for over a decade, we’ve created several of our own successful ventures, and we’ve worked with market-leading clients across many sectors.

And, while the team members during that time have changed, we’ve retained consistently high levels of talent. Mint employees have gone on to work for tech giants like Apple, Twitter and Twilio, and several have used what they’ve learned here to start their own businesses.

This has led clients of ours to ask for our help when it comes to recruiting staff. We’ve helped several clients in this way, and that led us to the conclusion that we could probably help lots more people.

“Mint's expertise was priceless when we were hiring a development team.”

Matthew Frank, CEO

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What are we offering?

We’ll help you hire the design & development staff that will drive your team to succeed. We’re happy to discuss requirements with you before you commit to bringing us onboard, but these are some of the things we’ve helped clients with:

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Creating job ads & application processes that attract smart people

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Sifting and ranking applicants

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Creating aptitude tests for interviews

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Planning & conducting interviews - asking the right questions

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Evaluating interviewees

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Making offers & retaining staff

What does Mint do that’s different?

In short: we offer direct, highly-relevant experience.

We’re not saying recruiters don’t have their place. But we’ve had enough success, and helped enough people, to be confident that we know more than most recruiters when it comes to evaluating potential hires in this space.

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