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Posted in News by Utku Can on May 04, 2010

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We never did report on the Web App Weekender 2010. Here’s the 3 apps we created.

One on One


It’s mini Picklive Football, on your iPhone!

Pick 3 players. Your opponent will do the same. Actions of players on the pitch make up your score. Highest aggregate score wins!

World Cup Blotto


Get your friends round for the match. Add them all on Blotto. Every action on the pitch moves the target - that’s you and your friends - forward. If you’re ‘it’ when there’s a foul on the pitch, you have to drink!

Did a player score a goal while you were selected? You get to decide who downs their drink!

Real-time sports drinking games. Nothing quite like them eh?



Meet Luke. He plays football for his local pub team. But he dreams big. Play in the World Cup this summer big. Ambitious? Certainly. Impossible? Not with your help!

Play mini-games to make Luke a better footballer. But Luke is also needy. Over time, he’ll get hungry and low on morale. To achieve his dreams, you need to keep him in tip-top shape. Careful though, over indulge and the results will show!

Can you take him all the way to the cup?

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