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International-Women's-Day Hmm, what to write… I need to say something funny. All these cool tech dudes… Hmm, how about sharing a song… nah, they’ve probably heard all the good songs… Ohh, I should write something. It’s so lame not to contribute.

I’ll just skip it for now.

Oh, the utter anxiety of starting a new job and trying to establish your banter on group instant messaging.

The ethical designer

Posted in Design by Vala Pétursdóttir on June 18, 2017

ethical-designer-mint So last month I got this great design gig.

An elderly lady wanted to commission me to do a sign for her. She lives in the forest and doesn’t get a lot of visitors because her house is quite hard to find. The money is great and I get creative freedom to do the sign like I want it to be. Score!

She wants the sign to be fun and appeal to children. And I’m like aww, what a sweet old lady.

I don’t ask many questions and I make a super fun and engaging sign (see above). It totally stands out in this rather dark and spooky forest.

I pat myself on the back for a job well done and for making an old lady happy.