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Just right

Recent installments in the novel that is Mint have developed the plot through weekly reports that glow with the immediacy of the current moment, a cocktail of the here and now bubbling over with youthful enthusiasm and limitless possibilities. As a “tribal elder” of the Mint Digital clan, I have dusted off my literary quill to tell a much different story, one rooted in the distant past, a sprawling epic of intrigue and marvel that allegorically connects itself to our current state of our being.

NYC Pocketmints Mobile Meetup

Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on April 08, 2011

Mari Sheibley

In order to explore interesting topics around mobile and meet new folks working in mobile in New York, Mint Digital and the Pocketmints crew are hosting a series of monthly talks.

This month Mari Sheibley, the lead designer of foursquare, is joining us to discuss Mobile UI Patterns.

The Pocketmints Experiment

Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on December 15, 2010


Early this year when we set about to "find our feet" in the mobile landscape, we went about it in the typical Mint way, simply jump in and try to make stuff. Past experience has taught us that this hands-on, "rubber meets the road" approach always lands us in new territory.

Mint Mobile Open for Business

Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on June 28, 2010


Buoyed by the success of our iPhone app building weekend exercise, the fantastic response to our World Cup real-time visualizer, and the confidence from working on production projects in the mobile web space for blue-chip clients, we are ready to declare our mobile division open for business.

Sex Sells. Mint Delivers.

Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on April 07, 2009

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"How much success?"

Throughout the history of our client engagements, there is always a slightly uncomfortable moment when this question rears its ugly head.

"How much traffic do you think the site will do?"