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Over the years, Mint has often hired from abroad. We’ve hired designers from Iceland, South Africa and Argentina. We’ve hired developers from Belgium, Holland and the USA.

The process often follows a similar arc. We see a CV we love. The call goes well. The technical or design test is passed. We agree terms and resolve visa issues. Then the candidate asks: ‘Any ideas where I could stay in London?’ At this point we get stuck.

What we needed was hotel quality flatsharing. With that in mind, we developed Restly.

BookEngine at London Book Fair

Posted in News by Andy Bell on March 21, 2017

Everyone wants better metadata!

Last week we went to London Book Fair to meet people about BookEngine, our new metadata manipulation and distribution engine.

We’ve worked with a couple of publishers as we develop BookEngine but it was a different experience to see the industry en masse. A few things surprised us.

Introducing BookEngine

Posted in News by Andy Bell on February 22, 2017


Over the last 5 years Mint has worked with a number of book publishers and we’ve seen similar problems crop up repeatedly. To solve these problems, we created a piece of software called BookEngine.

What problems do we see?

A few years ago I met an entrepreneur named Nick. After he sold his first business, he was trying to find his next one. His method was to take everyone he knew out for lunch and ask: ‘Do you know of any business opportunities?’

Boomf Spins Out

Posted in News by Andy Bell on July 15, 2014


Last month, Boomf moved from being a joint venture between Nice Cakes and Mint Digital to being an independent company. I’m becoming Boomf’s CEO. Boomf’s other co-founder James Middleton, becomes Production Director, in charge of further innovation, as well as manufacturing and logistics.

Also joining Boomf are Chara Oikonomidou and Iggy Hilton from Mint and Lara Woodhead and Inga Kaplon from Nice. A few people have asked: what made us want to dedicate ourselves to marshmallows?