The Pocketmints Experiment

Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on December 15, 2010


Early this year when we set about to "find our feet" in the mobile landscape, we went about it in the typical Mint way, simply jump in and try to make stuff. Past experience has taught us that this hands-on, "rubber meets the road" approach always lands us in new territory.

That’s a good thing because we typically see things through changed eyes based on the journey. After a year of various client projects, a weekender dedicated to iPhone app development, an iPad app tied to the world’s largest sporting event, and a challenge to knock out some cool Android apps, we feel a need for something that captures what we hope is a bit of fresh conversation in a sharable, and hopefully participatory way.</p>

That something is what we are calling Pocketmints. More than anything else, Pocketmints is an attempt to tell the story of a collective effort to lift the mobile arena ever so slightly. The obvious first step is to craft a separate place for that very conversation and bring our friends, old and new, along for the ride. We ultimately want it to be a tale of learning about handling the ideas around everyday things that matter to us then turning these small things into pieces of reality we call software.

So I invite everyone to join the conversation at the Pocketmints blog and follow us at @pocketmints on twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

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