TV + social web + parties = SkinsLife

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell on February 20, 2008

We’ve just launched the Skins website for Company Pictures.

There were two things we were aiming for.

Firstly, to let fans get closer to the show’s production process. Skins is written by a team of super-talented young writers, working with a bunch of experienced professionals. SkinsLife mimics this process and expands it online.

Secondly, to combine web and real-world activity. A key part of SkinsLife is a party tour. Big-name headliners (soon to be announced) mingle with SkinsLife members showing off their talents. This collision of web and real-life talent will make the parties burst with energy.

The site is striking visually (thanks, Tal!) and offers our slickest usability yet (I especially like the multimedia commenting, a new BloomBox feature).

On the web, words are key. It has been fantastic working with a red-hot drama team who know how to write sentences that zing off the page. Combine that with their deep empathy for their audience and you begin to understand why Skins feels so very different.

We are really proud of SkinsLife. Hope you like it too.

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