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Posted in Reflections by Richard Ling on June 17, 2014


Over the past few months we have been focussing on a different angle of distribution for one of our products.

Historically we’ve sold our products directly through our websites, however last year we had a bit of brain wave with Projecteo and began contacting some of our favourite retailers to see if they would like to collaborate with us.

Recently we’ve worked in different ways with some really great brands like Photojojo, colette, <a href=>MoMA</a> and most recently Opening Ceremony. Here’s what these collaborations have allowed us to do:

  • Experiment and develop different offerings and packaging options for different retail environments.
  • Create something special for our fans by collaborating with brands they like.
  • Widen our distribution channels.

Why it has been great for us:

  • The exposure has allowed us to grow our customer base as Projecteo was put in front of a wider audience.
  • We’ve been able to grow our stockists more easily as retailers can see the great stores and people we’ve already worked with.
  • Working with another brand’s PR team has allowed us to reach bloggers and websites that may not have noticed us before.
  • Further down the line we see these same contacts will help us promote our other products.

We’ve got more exciting partnerships coming up and can’t wait to get our teeth into the new challenges that they will bring.

If you want to work with us, or know anyone that should, get in touch with me at

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