PhotoBox buys StickyGram

Posted in News by on June 23, 2013


We are delighted to announce that StickyGram is joining the PhotoBox family. StickyGram was conceived in March 2011 and launched June 2011. These last two years have been an amazing voyage of discovery.

StickyGram will remain true to its mission of bringing your Instagrams to life in the real world, but will now have the resources of PhotoBox focused on improving the product, and developing new products to offer the StickyGrammers.

StickyGram is about more than fridge magnets. It’s about memories made real. It was clear from our first conversations with PhotoBox that they understood this concept as clearly as we do. They understand what motivates the typical StickyGram customer, and they could see what was valuable about the brand.

We are looking forward to working closely with PhotoBox to ensure a smooth transition, but also to assist in the ongoing development of StickyGram. We believe that the combination of PhotoBox’s deep understanding of the consumers in this space, and Mint’s passion for creating delightful new products will help StickyGram cement its position as the leading Instagram print company worldwide.

What's Mint going to do next?

Mint have always had a strategy of using the skills we develop as an organisation to create valuable products. Historically, we’ve done this kind of work in the gaps that exist between client projects. Anyone who’s ever run an agency will tell you that these gaps emerge in an unpredictable fashion, but even so, we’ve made progress. In the last year we launched Foldable.Me - 3D papercraft avatars - and Projecteo - the tiny Instagram projector. I anticipate that in the next year, thanks to this deal, we will be able devote substantially more resource to this kind of product development, and we will therefore move much faster, and create more products as a result.

We remain enthralled by the promise of digital-physical mass-customisation. We are going to keep exploring this vein, but pushing technology further. We are on the lookout for genius inventors, partners and collaborators. Drop us a line at if you think you might like to help with that. If you are looking to start your career in this industry, we are recruiting for Foundry 2013.

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