New Year Revolution

Posted in News by Utku Can on January 11, 2012


Hello and happy new year from Mint!

On January 1st, we launched New Year Revolution for Channel 4.

The starting point for New Year Revolution was the observation that most of us make new year’s resolutions, but few of us keep them. The ambition is that by harnessing faces of Channel 4 and the collective willpower of the social web, we might help people keep the resolutions, and have some fun along the way.

In the first five days alone, we had over 20,000 join the revolution, and it is still gathering pace.

New Year Revolution has one of my favourite homepages we’ve ever put together. Check out the interplay the photos have - credit goes to Toby Coulson - between the three revolutions. We also brought the sign-up process into the Revolution universe and put it in the heart of the interaction.

As always, the greatest delight comes from seeing what people are getting up to with the platform.

There’s Rosianna watching Eastenders for the first time, Jane scaling Braunton Burrows to earn that chocolate and Ally using spent coffee beans to fend off slugs.

It’s not too late to take part. Take your pick from Mrs Moneypenny’s Stop Wasting Money, Get Fit with The Fat Fighters or join Annabel Port’s Try Something New revolution.

See you there comrades!

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