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Posted in News by Christopher Wilson on June 28, 2010


Buoyed by the success of our iPhone app building weekend exercise, the fantastic response to our World Cup real-time visualizer, and the confidence from working on production projects in the mobile web space for blue-chip clients, we are ready to declare our mobile division open for business.

The mobile space has long been an area that has excited us with the possibilities for novel user experiences given innovations with devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. Through a combination of internal software experiments and working with clients who see mobile applications as the centerpiece of their business strategy, we have amassed the requisite expertise to start channeling the same passion into "mobile" that we have applied to our diverse portfolio of web applications.

Given all the above, the obvious question comes up, "Why Mint?"

In many ways, the tech industry buzz around the mobile space has obscured the necessity for sound software fundamentals practiced by an experienced team of creative professionals. While mobile boutique shops continue to open daily, Mint realizes that the exciting opportunities that mobile devices bring to the table stand on the legs of bold and creative visual design, innovative user experience modeling and concept development, and an in-house technology team that provides not only front end and backend development, but support and hosting services as well. For clients whose mobile ideas project beyond the novelty applications that litter the app store, Mint provides not only the tools but also the leadership to up the ante in the mobile development domain.

Creating a mobile application can involve a lot of moving parts that require a broad set of expertise. The choice often comes down to the daily headache of managing multiple vendor relationships versus a productive collaboration with a team not only with the right set of tech and creative skills, but also experience working together. When venturing into the mobile space, Mint's clients get agility without amateurism, process without rigidity, and relevant experience in an newly emerging and rapidly changing space.

So if you're thinking about jumping into the mobile space and want to develop a boundary-pushing app, Mint Mobile's doors are officially open. Feel free to contact me at to chat about the possibilities.

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