Mint Site: Iteration 1

Posted in News by Utku Can on January 15, 2013

The hardest person to design for is yourself. All intuition disappears and you over question every decision.

That’s a familiar tale, I’m sure, to any digital company that ever embarked on redesigning their website. For ages, we too have been suffering from this. In the drive for perfection, it’s easy to end up not doing anything. So, we decided to do something.

Today, we have launched the first iteration of the new Mint site. It’s just a new homepage, with almost all styles stripped. In fact, it’s miles from where I would like it to be. It doesn’t even match the rest of the site, let alone a responsive design.

But it is something and it is live. That’s what matters.

At Mint, we deliver constant product development on our proprietary businesses, practising small design iterations and continuous deployment. We are figuring out how to do this for our clients too. Where better to explore what that means than our own website?

We’ll add content and features as we finish iterations. In fact, we’ll be deploying improvements every day this week. As we build the site out, it’ll get better and incorporate feedback from inside and outside the company.

I’ll be writing updates as iterations progress. Do give us your comments. After all, that’s at the heart of this.

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