The end of the road for Mint

Posted in News by Tim Morgan on March 20, 2018

Mint Digital Instagram midweek mountain It’s with great sadness that I announce we are closing Mint’s agency business. We will complete our existing client engagements and then cease operations within the next couple of months. We will not be taking on any new clients during this time.

In time I will write more about the reasons for this, but for now I am focussed on achieving the best outcome for our clients, our employees and our shareholders.

With this in mind, the following members of our team will be entering the job market in the coming weeks and months. I wholly endorse every person and have added their details below. If you are hiring at the moment, this is a first class list of candidates:

Colin Miller - Colin is our Head of Finance and Operations. Colin has single handedly been responsible for Mint’s finance function for the past 2 years (a job previously done by 4 people). You can find his LinkedIn here;

Sophie Fisher - Sophie is our Head of Legal Affairs and has a wealth of experience as a lawyer in the agency and internet space;

Vala Petursdottir - Vala is our most senior designer but her talents extend well beyond design. She is frankly, exceptional. You can find her portfolio here and her LinkedIn profile here;

Stuart Waterman - Stuart is our Head of Strategy & Content and has taken the lead role in delivering several of Mint’s largest client projects over the past two years. You can find his LinkedIn profile here;

Tayo Kopfer - Tayo is a very talented designer who can effortlessly deal with any challenge thrown her way. You can find her portfolio here and say hello here;

Sean Baines - Sean is a developer comfortable throughout the stack who has an incredible ability to quickly understand requirements and get things done. His GitHub profile is here and his CV is here;

Bartek Grzys - Bartek is one of the best Rails developers we’ve ever had at Mint, and we’ve had a lot of very good Rails developers. You can find his GitHub profile here;

Malin Patel - Malin is our Bus Dev Lead. He has understood our business within weeks of arriving at Mint, is self motivated and extremely capable. You can find his LinkedIn profile here;

Emily Carey - Emily is a front end developer with a close eye for detail and the self-motivation to get things done. You can find her GitHub profile here and her LinkedIn here;

Sophie Dermaux - Sophie is a junior back end developer with a thirst for learning, a sense of responsibility and piles of courage. You can find her GitHub profile here and her CV here.

This team is extremely capable and has bags of potential. I would not hesitate to recommend any of them to a new employer and would rehire each of them in a heartbeat.

I would like to thank everyone that has ever worked at or with Mint over the years including all our current and former employees, investors/shareholders, suppliers, partners, friends and customers. We have achieved far more than any of us expected when we started out working from an ironing board in Kennington during the times when there were no rules, no money and almost no people working in the London tech scene. Together we made the impossible, possible and I will always fondly remember the times that we had.

Thank you.

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