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Just over a month ago, we wrote about a concept World Cup real-time visualiser for the iPad. We had some tremendous feedback since then, so thank you for your interest. Over the course of the month, we have been working hard to build that application.

I’m delighted to announce LivePitch is now available, for free, on the App Store!

The App

LivePitch is a second screen iPad application designed to be used as you watch world cup matches on TV. It visualises how active each player on the pitch is, and how possession is divided between the teams in real-time, as the match unfolds. Of course, you can also use it by itself if you’re unable to watch the game, and get a sense for how the match is going.

You can compare individual players’ stats, as well as check out how teams are doing in groups and standings.


We’ve only had a month to put together the app and it’s not quite perfect yet, but we wanted to get it into your hands as quickly as possible. We’ll be working on polishing the app as the World Cup carries on. We’d love to hear your feedback, any thoughts you have or any problems you encounter. Just drop us a line at


If you need any assets to cover LivePitch, or want to speak to one of us, feel free to get in touch at or our contact numbers on

We hope you enjoy LivePitch!

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