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Posted in News by Andy Bell on October 25, 2006


Islandoo has been getting great press.

Paul Kelbie in the Independent says Islandoo is ‘an internet phenomenon to rival the social networking site MySpace’.

Emiko Terazono in the Financial Times says Islandoo ‘has developed into a full-blown social networking site’. The article contains an interesting quote from David Alberts, chairman of ad agency Grey London: “What you’ve got is 18,000 people who are desperate to promote themselves, impress people and be outgoing. What we’re thinking about is actually using the site to encourage the entrants to make their own Nokia ad or their own Clover ad.”

Update 27 October

TechCrunchUK says of the Nokia ad idea: “this sounds either like a sick joke from yet another marketing person who knows nothing, or a very clever idea, I haven’t quite decided yet.”

I think there’s at least a chance it’s the latter.

Also, a nice, perceptive comment from Will McInnes’ blog: “Islandoo proves that the development of crazy cool new online communities is just starting, and that it’s totally do-able for the right client, the right project, the right niche. YouTube and MySpace and Bebo and SecondLife aren’t the peak of this web2 interjoinedness. They represent the start. Islandoo is brilliantly executed… A huge well done to the Mint Digital team for this achievement - fantastic.”

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