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Posted in News by Utku Can on May 07, 2010

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We are fascinated with data and what you can do with it.

We are fascinated with ‘2Screen’. People using a second device to augment TV is increasingly common.

We are fascinated with the real-time web. Information delivered to you, as it happens, opens a world of possibilities. 

We have combined these passions before. Picklive Football, our two screen, real-time game, has been spun out as a separate start-up.

Lately, there’s something else we’ve been fascinated with. It’s the iPad. It’s one of the most exciting canvases us digital folk have ever had a chance to build stuff on.

Picklive captures a whole load of data during every football match they cover. For the World Cup, they’ll be covering every single match. We always thought there were other things to do with this data. The World Cup and the iPad turned out to be the catalysts we needed to put things into gear, and we think we may be onto something quite special…

The Visualiser

A few weeks ago, Andre and I put together a concept: a World Cup data visualisation app for the iPad. 

It combines the football data from Picklive with fun and intuitive analysis tools. For example, it allows you to compare cumulatively, or per match, all footballers in the World Cup across a variety of stats like goals, shoots on target, tackles and more.

(click images for large versions)

World Cup Visualiser - Cumulative Performance Comparison

World Cup Visualiser - Detailed Comparison

World Cup Visualiser - Detailed Comparison with Card

But this data is being captured in real-time. So, we can do something pretty cool: Visualise football matches as they happen with a unique interface that maps possession and how active players on the pitch are.

World Cup Visualiser - Live Match

World Cup Visualiser - Live Match

World Cup Visualiser - Live Match

We showed this concept to a few friends. They seemed as excited about it as we were. So, we decided to make this thing for real. There’s not much time until the World Cup though. Initially we’ll be concentrating on building an awesome real-time, second screen visualiser. We’ll come back to the analysis tools at a later stage.

We thought it’d be a fun experiment to blog our way through this. Our main expertise lies in building web applications. This is new ground. Hopefully, we’ll solve some interesting problems along the way, and there may be value in sharing that hard-won experience.

Wish us luck!

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