Introducing Bacon

Posted in News by Andy Bell on January 19, 2012


Bacon is a conference about all the stuff that developers love (for instance bacon, but also functional programming, machine learning, Android development, memes, databases, astronomy, HTML5, electronic music, etc.) It aims to support the emergence of Silicon Roundabout as a technology hub, reflecting the energy and diversity of London’s web scene.

It’s slightly inspired by Strange Loop - one of the best conferences we’ve been to - but with less emphasis on academic research and more on coding from the trenches. Confirmed speakers include Zach Holman of GitHub and Sean Treadway of SoundCloud. The call for proposals is still open. If you’ve got something you’d like to say, visit the Bacon site.

Oh and it’s on April 20th and 21st 2012, if you’d like to come. Tickets are from £265.

Hope to see you there.

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