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Posted in Reflections by on October 02, 2012


I went to see my old pal Stephen Hardingham at Channel 4 last week. Before the meeting he said: “You could tell us about how things are going at Mint Digital these days.”


This called for a short presentation. I hadn’t seen Stephen in about 4 years, so here’s how Mint has changed since then.

20 staff - 40 Staff

We’ve doubled in size. We’re capable of doing so much more now.

Tech - Design

We used to see ourselves as a technology company. Tech is still core to Mint but design now has equal billing.

Marketing - Products

We used to make stuff that marketed products. We’re doing less marketing now and, instead, making actual products.

Agile - Lean

We used to be all about agile. We still do agile, but we do lean now too. Where agile is about building and testing software early, lean is about building and testing businesses early.

B2B - B2C

We were once solely a B2B business. Now we’re taking products direct to consumers too. This means we’re learning new things and sharpening the skills we’ve always had.

Experiments - Startups

We’ve always experimented in our spare time. We’re now turning experiments into startups.

Digital - Physical

We used to think digital was king and screens were the future. Now we’re making stuff that lives off screen and people seem to love that even more.

Mint has changed a lot in the last few years. One thing hasn’t and that’s the passion for making great things.

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