Hello Foundry 2012!

Posted in News by Utku Can on July 30, 2012


A couple of months ago, we excitedly announced the return of Foundry for 2012. Following a call for applications, we took over one of the shipping containers at Boxpark and invited our shortlist down to a day long workshop, as part of Uncontained.

The workshop was lots of fun and the selection process tough, but it now gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the team following the footsteps of Foundry 2011 and Olly. In their own words, they are…

David Hunt


David has always enjoyed pulling stuff apart and tinkering with products, electronics and code. He is interested in exploring the boundaries between digital and physical products and how they can impact human interaction.

Hugh Boys


Hugh Boys is a Design Engineering yokel who enjoys long walks and making things. When he is not glued to his laptop (probably coding dynamic logos), you will often find him trying to invent the next best thing with his “box of geek”. Long live the techno hillbilly.

Luke Overin


Luke Overin is a compulsive and obsessive image-maker, designer and printmaker originally from the washed up town of Margate. He is empowered by pencils, pens, inks and rollers and enjoys the physical interaction with his materials but is always looking to ply his trade to anything creative.

Tom Mallinson


Tom is a graduate from University College Falmouth and is interested in every aspect of design. His current work explores how to engage children in computer aided design by making it a more tangible process. He likes making bread, drinking coffee, listening to music and looking at old things.

And what will our four be doing this year? Their brief is:

Make a toy that has a reason to exist.

Come along for the ride and follow how they are getting along over at the Foundry blog. We can't wait to see what they will come up with.

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