Foldable You?

Posted in News by Andy Bell on March 30, 2012

Wow! Our new project Foldable.Me has raised over 200% 500% of its funding target in its first week 20 days on Kickstarter.

You can still pledge if you want to receive one of the first Foldables and get them at the pre-launch price.

Foldable.Me seems to have struck a paper nerve.

Wired Gadget Lab says:

Papercraft, that’s the future of creating tiny effigies - especially ones of yourself.

The Next Web says:

Ever wish you could just post yourself somewhere and visit friends far away? Well Mint Digital has a solution for you. Foldable.Me is their latest and possibly one of their cutest endeavours.

The Huffington Post says:

The London-based project has clearly found an audience.

Across Twitter, comments have ranged from ‘Amazing’ to ‘OK, this is pretty cute’.

Finally, here are some details on the tech behind the the 3D CSS rotating preview.

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