Flynotes & Mint Digital We’re delighted to have been helping to build Flynotes, a digital consent platform that will revolutionise patient safety across healthcare. Flynotes is a GovStart project backed by to improve citizens’ experience of public services.

GovStart’s goal to transform the public sector with startups speaks to Mint’s mission to improve people’s lives through technology. We look forward to revealing the first iteration of Flynotes in 2018.

On working with Mint, Flynotes founder Govin Murugachandran said:

“Mint applied rigorous prioritisation to ensure Flynotes’ MVP requirements were met during intensive planned sprints. Their technical knowledge was indispensable and helped us end up with a more robust, scalable solution. We loved working with Mint and look forward to doing so again.”

In the meantime, you can read more about the Flynotes platform in this interview with Govin.

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