Edinburgh goes Menthol

Posted in News by Adam Rogers on August 28, 2008


Last weekend’s Edinburgh International Television Festival will have to go down as one of Menthol TV’s finest hours yet.

It’s hard to know where to begin. I could start by telling you about the captivating speech given by Clay Shirky on post Gutenberg Economics and what this spells for TV in the 21st Century. Or Peter Bazalgette’s theory on how the credit crunch will accelerate US-driven consolidation in the industry. Or what about how MENTHOL TV BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE with a devastating pitch by chief Mayhem Maker and dragon slayer Mona Yousefi!

Having been selected to take part in a special festival edition of the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Mona had five minutes to impress four real-life commissioning editors with her Mayhem Makers pitch. Within seconds Mona had the dragons and the audience on the edge of their seats. Regaling the auditorium with tales of Mayhem Makers’ sell-out West End screenings and the story behind the show, the knockout blow came when she played the promo.

The crowd went mad and the dragons were speechless, except for Heather Jones, MTV’s Executive Vice President, Content & Creative Director of Television who said.

"It was worth coming to Edinburgh just to see this."

Thanks to Mona’s outstanding pitch, we won the competition but what was most exciting was the response from the 250 TV types in the room. They loved it! Mayhem Makers was the people’s choice.

Another Mint / Menthol TV project that was making noise at the festival was Osama Loves.  Cover star of Future Media, Osama the Nigerian Tailor and his love for chickens was everywhere. Watch this space on news about the documentary due to air later this month.

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