Dough Globe

Posted in News by Utku Can on October 26, 2012


For the second year running, we hosted four graduates for three months at Mint under Foundry, our graduate scheme. This year, their brief was ‘Make a toy that has a reason to exist.’ What they ended up making is, well, insane.

‘Dough Globe’ is a smart vessel for sourdough starters. Using ethanol sensors, it can tell whether you are looking after it properly. A bit like a tamagotchi then, but actually alive. Deciding that wasn’t so much a toy, Foundry built a narrative on top of it that creates a character out of sourdough - the likeable Doug - and turns the globe itself into a games console.


The boys presented their final wares at Playful 2012, to some great praise from the crowd. There are also a few nice write ups on places like Wired and FastCo Design. You can also find out more on Dough Globe or the great catalogue of their journey getting there.


And for the million dollar question… Did they answer the brief? Foundry say what could be a better reason to exist than life itself? You can’t much argue with that.

Well done Dave, Hugh, Luke and Tom. Not only you have been a joy to work with, you have well and truly surpassed our already high expectations following Olly.

We hope you learned as much as we have during your three months.

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