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bookengine publishing metadata title manipulation software BookEngine, our title manipulation software for publishers, has given us lots of opportunities to share our thoughts on metadata.

We concede it’s not a subject that readily sets pulses racing. But when you consider that it’s been proven to improve product discoverability and boost sales, good metadata can increasingly lay claim to being a potentially important competitive advantage.

I wrote about publishing metadata’s importance for IPG (the Independent Publisher’s Guild), explaining the benefits an agile approach to catalogue data offers.

stateful websockets elixir genstage

The Mint engineering team sets each other regular development challenges. It keeps everyone on their toes and provides an engaging way for knowledge to be shared.

A recent challenge Simon set was around implementing incremental search against a third party API.

Advice on becoming a better coder

[Writer’s note: I made a comment at a meetup about the ‘right way’ to learn to code, and a colleague emailed me afterwards to ask what I meant. While it sounds initially dogmatic, in the end it’s very practical. This post is my effort to deconstruct what those loaded words translate to in reality.]

Ideally, everyone learns from a mentor or teacher who’s an excellent developer, reads things on the internet that align with best practices, and grows to form their own efficient way of coding. This is of course usually not the case.

Describing what makes a good coder is similar to describing what makes a good writer. There’s no precise formula, but there are some general rules that allow everybody to build artfully from the same foundation. People will develop different styles and preferences, which is great. No one way is right, but some ways are messier, less efficient, easier to break, or slower for the computer.

elixir script

At the start of February we outlined a process for basic deployments of Elixir applications on AWS. There were a few holes in this, particularly around some of the shinier Elixir features, but before proceeding with tackling these we wanted to get a sense of what features the community felt were most important.

Cross-functional mobbing

Posted in Tech by Simon Fletcher on March 28, 2017

1-obpaDI tjrZI1B9 OLKFmQ At Mint, we are always looking to improve our processes; we don’t believe that one size fits all, and this is particularly the case when working in an agency business. Without this flexibility it becomes difficult to deliver projects successfully, as it means you can’t adapt to client needs.

It was this that inspired us to try hacking ‘Mob Programming’ to include the whole team.