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The end of the road for Mint

Posted in News by Tim Morgan on March 20, 2018

Mint Digital Instagram midweek mountain It’s with great sadness that I announce we are closing Mint’s agency business. We will complete our existing client engagements and then cease operations within the next couple of months. We will not be taking on any new clients during this time.

In time I will write more about the reasons for this, but for now I am focussed on achieving the best outcome for our clients, our employees and our shareholders.

With this in mind, the following members of our team will be entering the job market in the coming weeks and months. I wholly endorse every person and have added their details below. If you are hiring at the moment, this is a first class list of candidates:

Projecteo Farewell Mint’s reputation as $ for $ the world’s most successful startup studio means that the most common question I get asked is: how do you know what ventures to pursue? The second most asked question is: how do you know when to stop?

This week we announced that we are to shutdown Projecteo, so I thought I’d answer the second question in the real life context of Projecteo.

Why we shut Projecteo down.

There were three reasons to shut Projecteo down:

Flynotes & Mint Digital We’re delighted to have been helping to build Flynotes, a digital consent platform that will revolutionise patient safety across healthcare. Flynotes is a GovStart project backed by to improve citizens’ experience of public services.

Hiring the Mint way

Posted in News by Stuart Waterman on January 16, 2018

Hiring the Mint Way Working with talented designers & developers is a pleasure. But finding and hiring them is a pain.

Over the years we’ve formed the opinion that we know more about hiring into such roles than most recruiters. In 2018 we’re putting that to the test by offering it as a service.

Open Up Challenge For the past few months we’ve been UX advisors to participants of the Open Up Challenge. It’s been a fascinating journey for the Mint team to consult with a selection of the leading fintechs in the UK.

Our work has encompassed design, branding, copywriting, testing and strategy and the participants have been delighted with our help:

  • Michael Bridgeman, Head of Proposition at Funding Xchange said: “Thanks to Mint for all your help as part of the Open Up Challenge – we were really impressed by the work you put in and particularly appreciated your flexibility!”

  • Pierce Glennie, Head of Product at iwoca said: “I was impressed with Mint’s focus on gathering feedback from real small businesses, rather than just giving their own views. This process surfaced valuable insights that will make the new Open Banking version of iwoca even simpler to use.”

  • Mary Harmon, Lead Product Designer at Bizfitech (creators of Handle), said: “Thank you so much for your support through out the Nesta prize, we’re so thrilled to have won!”

  • Nick Heller, Founder & CEO at Fractal Labs, said: “Mint is laser focused on user-driven product design. Their humanistic approach helped refine our user experience by ensuring we promoted trust as the core element in our product.”