Introducing: The Bathory

Posted in News by Laura Grace on April 14, 2014


We’re delighted to introduce The Bathory, for all your bespoke bathing needs…

The Bathory is Mint’s latest venture in mass-personalisation, fresh from our “anarchy incubator”. It’s also something of a paradox:

A digital product that encourages you to unplug. A cosmetics brand from a company better known for our decidedly digital ventures.

The site helps you invent a customised bath soak, to fit your mood perfectly. Our dedicated factory is uniquely set up to hand-blend your inventions in bespoke batches of one.


It has been a complex undertaking. As we quickly realised, the cosmetics industry just isn’t equipped to create products on demand - we needed to tackle manufacturing in a completely different way if we were going to offer customisation. After months of prototyping, wrestling with cosmetics legislation and testing hundreds of formulations, we’re really excited to see what people think.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You dig around in our virtual apothecary and create a bathtime treat to help you switch off / sleep better / feel amazing.
  2. We expertly blend it in our fragrant factory-of-dreams, deep in the English countryside.
  3. We dispatch within 48 hours. You get naked. Breathe. Bask. Let the world fade away.

Want to feel relaxed, revived, inspired, sexy? There’s a soak for that. We like to think of it as “aromatherapy for people who are a bit dubious about aromatherapy”.

The Bathory has been developed with extensive feedback from bath fans - “The League of Extraordinary Bathers” is a testing panel of “beta bathers” who have tried every ingredient prior to launch. So you can be sure your invention will smell and feel amazing.

Alright then, let’s get naked:

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