Adoption Experience

Posted in News by Phil Nash on May 27, 2009

Adoption Experience

A little over two weeks ago, Mint and Channel 4 launched Adoption Experience, a new experience-based site along the lines of Sexperience, launched last year. Adoption Experience seeks to take the same path and educate people through the real-life experiences of others, taking stories and opinions from all facets of the adoption process; adopters, adoptees, birth parents and professionals.

We had a few new experiences during the production of this site as well. Given that the site was to mirror the functionality of Sexperience, this was the first time we stripped down a previous project and repackaged it for a new purpose. Also, at the time of launch, the London development team were in Barcelona for EuRuKo ‘09 and spent the weekend struggling to find an internet connection in order to apply the finishing touches to the site.

The site launched alongside the Channel 4 documentary series Find Me a Family (part of the Forgotten Children season) and it has been great to see people sharing experiences on the site since. The bit that pleased me the most was the following comment from a recent adopter:

"I think the site's great - fantastic that it's open to the public to post questions and responses about their experiences. This is what the adoptive and adopted audiences really need I think!"

Having no experience with adoption myself, hearing this from someone who had been through the whole process made the project a success for me.

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