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Last night saw 120 people cram into Hoxton Hall to see if TV & web could make a baby. OK, so there was no actual baby-making, but there was plenty of ideas and discussion on how we can seize the opportunity this new kind of user behaviour presents.

Adam Charnock took some brilliant photos and posted them up on Flickr.

Joanna Jacobs was furiously typing away. Her liveblog of 2Screen is a great account of the evening.

And our 3 favourite tweets?

"It's interesting back in the day tele was blamed for killing conversation in the household. Now it's instigating debate worldwide."


"Glad someone said it: why should web be second, rather than first screen?"


Good things about #2screen 1. People who knew what they were talking about 2. Nice venue 3. V generous free bar 4. Giant mini quiches


There was more of that on Twitter.

We’d like to thank the people we couldn’t have done 2Screen without:

And our attendees, whom we hope found 2Screen to be an enjoyable and thought-provoking evening.

For those who couldn’t make it, look out for content from 2Screen appearing from next week onwards.

If you need us in the meantime, we’ll be the ones on the sofa, nursing the champagne hangover…

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