2Screen Roundup

Posted in Reflections by Laura Grace on October 04, 2011


The stunning Finsbury Town Hall was the venue for last week’s 2Screen 2011 - Mint’s annual feast of all things connected TV. We had a blast, we hope you did too!

It was terrific to see the event grow so dramatically in the space of a year (we doubled our audience from 2010). The social TV conversation has raised its game too, with a brilliant bunch of talks from Andy Hood of AKQA, David Flynn of Remarkable, Declan Caulfield of Starling and Russell Davies of R/GA, all wonderfully compèred by BBC Click’s LJ Rich.

Of course, as befits a 2Screen affair, the real energy of the evening took place on our second screens - the #2Screen hashtag is packed with gems and well worth having a dig through. This year we decided we wanted to take the kind of split-attention behaviour we’ve become used to at conferences and push it a step further. Our Footnotes app lived on the 2Screen mobile site and added an extra layer of engagement to the speakers’ presentations, with a steady trickle of additional nuggets of information and useful links throughout the night. It was a fun experiment, if you got a chance to play with it we’d love to know what you thought.

We’ll be back very soon with some lovely shiny videos of all the talks from the event, but for now I wanted to give a quick roundup of some of the 2Screen write-ups that caught my eye over the past week:

We were also excited to announce the launch of Mint’s 2Screen Labs: a home for our work in cross-platform and second screen experiences. 2Screen Labs exists to help brands and broadcasters create remarkable things that work across multiple screens. If you’ve got an idea you’d like to chat about we’d love to talk, give us a shout.

A huge thanks to all our fantastic speakers and delightful attendees for making 2Screen such a success. See you next year!

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