2Screen: 7pm, 24 September, London

Posted in News by Andy Bell on August 19, 2009

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More and more people watch TV with their laptops open.

Groups of web and TV producers are attempting to create experiences that make use of this new behaviour.

The area is ripe with possibility. Most recent web successes have social interaction at their core. Nothing beats TV at getting large audiences to congregate.

It also throws up new problems. How can you create an experience that is compelling on both screens, but not distracting on either?

We thought it would be good to talk. 2Screen is an event that gathers a bunch of innovators who are doing interesting things in this area. Each speaker has 10 minutes to present their experiences.

The evening aims to answer the burning question: ‘Can web & the TV make a baby?’

It is at Hoxton Hall at 7pm, 24 September</a>. There will be a party afterwards.

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