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Meet the Challenge Mint captains and teams

Posted in News by Shim Smilansky

The Team Captains

Challenge Mint is only one month away, and we’re starting to get really excited.

Yesterday our three captains, Kaye, Sandeep and Adam battled it out and picked their dream teams. We can now proudly announce our three teams!

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2013, the year at Mint

Posted in Reflections by Noam Sohachevsky

2013 montage

2013 has been our most awesome year yet.

Early in the year we created a play along game to accompany Was It Something I Said, a Channel 4 quiz show. It was the first time we’d used Twitter to build a second screen game. We also wrote some notes on the design process.

In February, we went on our annual week-long retreat to build new web businesses. We tackled education. It was a tough one, but we created and validated four ideas.

We started working with clients in a completely new way, using our 4D2L model. We worked with vInspired, Tesco and Universal Music to make product prototypes in four days. This gave us the chance to work more closely with clients, and the output was better for it.

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Challenge Mint

Posted in News by Shim Smilansky

Challenge Mint badge

February is a special month for us here at Mint. Each year we pack up our stuff and head to the countryside for four days to develop new products and services. It’s called the Mint 4D2L, sometimes referred to as 4 Days To Launch. We split up into teams and work on one brief. By the end of the four days we have some sort of prototype, ready to be tested in the wild.

Usually we set the brief ourselves, but this year we’re doing things a bit differently.

We’re inviting kids to challenge us to solve a problem of their choosing.

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And then it went Boomf!

Posted in News by Andy Bell


On Monday we attempted a quiet launch for Boomf, our new Instagram marshmallow business. It went round the world in a flash:

"Boomf's Marshmallows Give New Meaning to Instagramming Your Food" - ABC News

"It takes an unusual company to create such an unusual product, so it's no surprise Mint Digital is the brain behind this operation." - CNet

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Full Frontal 2013

Posted in Tech by Phil Nash

Full Frontal 2013

Photo by Remy Sharp

As November rolls around, excitement grows amongst UK based front end developers. 2013 is the 5th outing of Full Frontal Conf where we all descend on Brighton for a day of talks on subjects that Remy Sharp wants to hear about (is there any other way to curate a conference?). This was my second visit to Full Frontal, after my 2012 experience made it an unmissable addition to my calendar.

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