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  1. An image of the author: Phil Nash

    Full Frontal 2013

    Posted in by Phil Nash on 13 November 2013

    Full Frontal 2013

    Photo by Remy Sharp

    As November rolls around, excitement grows amongst UK based front end developers. 2013 is the 5th outing of Full Frontal Conf where we all descend on Brighton for a day of talks on subjects that Remy Sharp wants to hear about (is there any other way to curate a conference?). This was my second visit to Full Frontal, after my 2012 experience made it an unmissable addition to my calendar.

    Of course, no conference is really complete without an after party. Talking over the day and meeting other attendees is fantastic.

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  2. An image of the author: Kaye Symington

    Mints in Berlin

    Posted in by Kaye Symington on 25 October 2013

    Last weekend Mint descended upon Berlin, all 38 of us!

    Now why, I hear you ask, did you all go to Berlin for a weekend? Was it a jolly holiday? A conference? A hack weekend? Well yes, it was kind of all three.

    berlin 5

    Lots of fun, beers and scheming was had. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post from Utku about the nitty gritty! In the mean time feast your eyes on our photos.

    Now why, I hear you ask, did you all go to Berlin for a weekend? Was it a jolly holiday? A conference? A hack weekend?

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  3. An image of the author: Jelmer Snoeck

    Arrrrcamp 2013

    Posted in by Jelmer Snoeck on 24 October 2013

    At the start of October, four of us set sail to lower grounds. Adam, Paul, Phil and I went ahead to attend (and for Adam and Phil to talk) Arrrrcamp, a 2 day pirate conference in Ghent, Belgium.


    Arrrrcamp was a great place to meet new people - and also meet old friends. The socializing events were great and we all had a blast!

    Here are some highlights from the event...

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  4. An image of the author: Phil Nash

    Mint at Battle Hack London

    Posted in by Phil Nash on 15 October 2013

    Battle Hack

    We love a hack competition at Mint. We love them so much, we have our own yearly hack week every February and we even turned that into a way of working with clients. So naturally, when we get the chance to work alongside and compete with other hackers, we jump at it. Last weekend was the London leg of PayPal's global hack competition Battle Hack and Adam, Noam and myself were in attendance.

    The competition was fierce over the weekend and there were plenty of interesting, fun and technically brilliant hacks produced.

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  5. Whenever Mint has a gap in our client work, we build and launch self-funded products. That's not uncommon amongst digital agencies. What is perhaps uncommon is our persistence. In eight years, we've launched eleven would-be businesses. Many were succailures, to use a word coined by Mills at USTWO, another London agency with a track record in this area. Succailures are great for learning, valuable in terms of PR, energizing for the agency... but ultimately failures as businesses.

    Currently we are working on about 10 ideas simultaneously. A radically devolved structure maximizes the number of experiments we can launch.

    Then, over the last two years, something wonderful happened. We hit upon an unmitigated success. StickyGram, our Instagram magnet printing service, sold over a million magnets to 90 countries and then was bought by PhotoBox in June (for an undisclosed sum that I wish I could tell you)

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