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4 Makers. 3 Months. 1 Brief.

Posted in News by Shim Smilansky

Foundry 2014

Each year Mint invites recent graduates, and university dropouts, to join us for three months of making with Foundry.

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The week that we killed our first product…

Posted in News by Kaye Symington


Here’s a little update about what’s been happening at Mint this week.

Mint’s been working in its new guise (50% agency, 50% self-funded projects) for 6 months now. We’ve successfully launched both Boomf and DeskBeers, to more excitement than we could ever have anticipated. Whilst growing them, we’ve also been working furiously on several new ideas. This week was a momentous one...

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One big data set, two audiences: our journey with Ipsos MORI and the GP Patient Survey

Posted in Design by Andrea Jezovit

ipsos workshop

In March, Mint kicked off an exciting new project, working with Ipsos MORI to improve the GP Patient Survey website. The survey, which is sent out twice a year to more than three million patients, contains some great data on patients’ experiences with NHS GPs. Initial thinking was that this might be a data visualisation project. But at Mint, we sometimes look to Clayton Christensen’s jobs-to-be-done framework. We thought it might help us shape this project: might users be able to do interesting jobs with this survey data?

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Challenge Mint is over, and the winners are...

Posted in News by Shim Smilansky

Challenge Mint Awards

After a fiercely competitive four days of inventing, prototyping and making, Challenge Mint is complete! Our three teams arrived at The Greenhouse Hotel in Bournemouth on Monday 10 February with a few ideas, and left on Friday the 14th with a total of seven newly-prototyped products to present to our judges.

Four products scooped the prizes...

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Challenge Mint: Announcements

Posted in News by Shim Smilansky

Challenge Mint patches

We have two announcements to make. First, our three teams for Challenge Mint have decided what to work on. Second, we've got a stellar panel of judges lined up to give out the awards.

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