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Foundry 2014 is fast approaching

Posted in Design by Tom Jarrett


Foundry, Mint Digital’s graduate design lab, was set up in 2011 to be a graduate scheme with a difference. This year’s edition is fast approaching, but there’s still time to apply for a chance to take part.

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Everyone loves BACON

Posted in Reflections by Andrea Jezovit

Team BACON: Colin, Angie and Paul Team BACON: Colin, Angie and Paul

This week, Mint has been recovering from one of our favourite events of the year. We held our third annual BACON conference last week, and as usual it was a bacchanalia of amazing, informative talks, innovative tech, and some great bacon sandwiches.

I sat down with two of BACON’s organisers, Paul Fedory and Angie Maguire, to get their reflections on this year’s event.

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Mint and the Goldilocks of Data

Posted in Reflections by Christopher Wilson

Just right

Recent installments in the novel that is Mint have developed the plot through weekly reports that glow with the immediacy of the current moment, a cocktail of the here and now bubbling over with youthful enthusiasm and limitless possibilities. As a "tribal elder" of the Mint Digital clan, I have dusted off my literary quill to tell a much different story, one rooted in the distant past, a sprawling epic of intrigue and marvel that allegorically connects itself to our current state of our being.

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The movement of Mints

Posted in Reflections by Steve Marshall

The movement of Mints

As I write this week’s round-up of Mint happenings, I find myself in a Brighton coffee shop rather early on a Friday morning. Mint has always had a “work where and when you want” policy, which means that on occasion the office can look a little sparse...

Keeping track of where everyone is can get a little tricky. There’s the endless calendar of conferences and events, plus the fact that we now run multiple wide-ranging businesses under one roof. Then there’s the client visits and off-site working sessions. And the fact that the Mint team is split between London and New York.

Basically - we’re all over the place. But in a good way.

Our adventures this week are pretty typical. Here’s a glimpse into some of the movements we individually made this week, to keep the beast that is Mint going:

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An update from the anarchy incubator

Posted in News by James Maskell

Wireframes for an early prototype

At Mint Ventures, our aim is to build profitable businesses. So far we've launched Boomf, DeskBeers and The Bathory. Over the past few months, we've been running experiments and exploring different markets. These projects may succeed or fail, or they may change radically from their current form.

Here are a few...

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