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    A quick catchup with new Mints

    Posted in by Shim Smilansky on 22 April 2014

    In the first four Months of 2014 we’ve welcomed seven new Mints to our office. I spent a few days catching up with them.

    Adam Pattison, Junior Accounts Assistant

    “I’ve just joined and I’ve been really loving it. I used to do removals so this has been really different for me. Mostly I’ve been working with Colin learning about how to handle the accounts, the ins and outs of VAT and stuff like that.”

    Andrea Jezovit, Product Strategist

    “I joined from Microsoft in January and I guess the biggest culture shock has been that it’s a very different environment. During my second week here we needed to organise some user testing for Boomf. Noam gave me a card and two days later we had people in, it was refreshing to be able to move so quickly. I’ve really enjoyed working on Studio projects like Ipsos MORI that involve a lot of user research and sketching. I’m looking forward to getting involved with Mint Ventures too."

    I’ve enjoyed the serendipity of things, seeing what works and letting the market lead our development

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  2. An image of the author: Laura Grace

    Introducing: The Bathory

    Posted in by Laura Grace on 14 April 2014


    We’re delighted to introduce The Bathory, for all your bespoke bathing needs...

    The Bathory is Mint’s latest venture in mass-personalisation, fresh from our “anarchy incubator”. It’s also something of a paradox:

    A digital product that encourages you to unplug. A cosmetics brand from a company better known for our decidedly digital ventures.

    The site helps you invent a customised bath soak, to fit your mood perfectly. Our dedicated factory is uniquely set up to hand-blend your inventions in bespoke batches of one.


    It has been a complex undertaking. As we quickly realised, the cosmetics industry just isn’t equipped to create products on demand - we needed to tackle manufacturing in a completely different way if we were going to offer customisation. After months of prototyping, wrestling with cosmetics legislation and testing hundreds of formulations, we’re really excited to see what people think.

    Here’s how it works:

    We like to think of it as “aromatherapy for people who are a bit dubious about aromatherapy”.

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  3. Tim doing a Minteresting

    Flicking through the RSA Journal this week, I came across an article about the learning organisation (a concept coined by Peter Senge). It’s worth a read. Essentially a learning organisation is one that has great capacity to learn and transform itself. In the article, Senge picks out a bunch of tell-tale signs to help identify a learning organisation.

    Some things happened this week that point to plenty of pride and passion at Mint

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    4 Makers. 3 Months. 1 Brief.

    Posted in by Shim Smilansky on 10 April 2014

    Foundry 2014

    Each year Mint invites recent graduates, and university dropouts, to join us for three months of making with Foundry.

    Applications for Foundry Four are now open. We can’t wait to meet our next group of makers.

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  5. Tripsst

    Here’s a little update about what’s been happening at Mint this week.

    Mint’s been working in its new guise (50% agency, 50% self-funded projects) for 6 months now. We’ve successfully launched both Boomf and DeskBeers, to more excitement than we could ever have anticipated. Whilst growing them, we’ve also been working furiously on several new ideas. This week was a momentous one...

    It never comes easy and ideas become loved, but we reached the stage where we had to hold our hands up and say it wasn’t going to work.

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