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  1. Just right

    Recent installments in the novel that is Mint have developed the plot through weekly reports that glow with the immediacy of the current moment, a cocktail of the here and now bubbling over with youthful enthusiasm and limitless possibilities. As a "tribal elder" of the Mint Digital clan, I have dusted off my literary quill to tell a much different story, one rooted in the distant past, a sprawling epic of intrigue and marvel that allegorically connects itself to our current state of our being.

    It was perplexing to even our best minds.

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  2. An image of the author: Steve Marshall

    The movement of Mints

    Posted in by Steve Marshall on 09 May 2014

    The movement of Mints

    As I write this week’s round-up of Mint happenings, I find myself in a Brighton coffee shop rather early on a Friday morning. Mint has always had a “work where and when you want” policy, which means that on occasion the office can look a little sparse...

    Keeping track of where everyone is can get a little tricky. There’s the endless calendar of conferences and events, plus the fact that we now run multiple wide-ranging businesses under one roof. Then there’s the client visits and off-site working sessions. And the fact that the Mint team is split between London and New York.

    Basically - we’re all over the place. But in a good way.

    Our adventures this week are pretty typical. Here’s a glimpse into some of the movements we individually made this week, to keep the beast that is Mint going:

    "There’s the endless calendar of conferences and events, plus the fact that we now run multiple wide-ranging businesses"

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  3. Wireframes for an early prototype

    At Mint Ventures, our aim is to build profitable businesses. So far we've launched Boomf, DeskBeers and The Bathory. Over the past few months, we've been running experiments and exploring different markets. These projects may succeed or fail, or they may change radically from their current form.

    Here are a few...

    These projects may succeed or fail, or they may change radically from their current form.

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  4. Laura_field

    We have recently started attempting more of a regular schedule of content on the Mint blog. The idea is that every Friday one Mint posts some reflections on weekly happenings. Kaye, Noam and Shim took charge for the first three weeks of April, and now my own number is up...

    The problem is, this past week I've been slightly oblivious to anything but the launch of The Bathory. Today marks 10 days of shipping fragrant concoctions around the world and, as expected, this whole running-a-business thing has been pretty full-on.

    So, if you'll forgive a second post on The Bathory in as many weeks (here's the first), I'd like to share a couple of reflections from 10 days in business...

    Imagine every customer is your mum.

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  5. An image of the author: Shim Smilansky

    A quick catchup with new Mints

    Posted in by Shim Smilansky on 22 April 2014

    In the first four Months of 2014 we’ve welcomed seven new Mints to our office. I spent a few days catching up with them.

    Adam Pattison, Junior Accounts Assistant

    “I’ve just joined and I’ve been really loving it. I used to do removals so this has been really different for me. Mostly I’ve been working with Colin learning about how to handle the accounts, the ins and outs of VAT and stuff like that.”

    Andrea Jezovit, Product Strategist

    “I joined from Microsoft in January and I guess the biggest culture shock has been that it’s a very different environment. During my second week here we needed to organise some user testing for Boomf. Noam gave me a card and two days later we had people in, it was refreshing to be able to move so quickly. I’ve really enjoyed working on Studio projects like Ipsos MORI that involve a lot of user research and sketching. I’m looking forward to getting involved with Mint Ventures too."

    I’ve enjoyed the serendipity of things, seeing what works and letting the market lead our development

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