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    Mint's Winter Warmers

    Posted in by Laura Grace on 18 December 2014

    Adam Mint's Winter Warmers Introducing: Mint’s Winter Warmers. Our pop up shop of festive delights, currently open for business in Fenchurch St Station’s Winter Market. Roll up, roll up…

    Our first adventure in the world of real life retail.

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  2. Poundshop

    There are two things in the world for which there is no shortage:

    1. People trying to build things on the internet;

    2. People giving advice on how to build things on the internet.

    The internet is the modern equivalent of shipping in Victorian times or the Wild West in the 1870s. There are a lot of people speculating and a lot of people earning a living out of people speculating. There are two risks to this:

    1. You get ripped off. At Mint we are very often approached by people that have gone down a track with an agency (or collection of freelancers) only to realise later on that aforementioned agency does not in fact know what it is doing. This is an easy trap to fall into. You could set up an agency on a Monday, read a bunch of stuff off the internet and be selling your expertise by Thursday afternoon;

    2. You get paralysed by opinion and tasks. Many startup founders use information they find on the internet as a kind of ‘to-do’ list. Write blog post check, gather customer feedback check, do marketing experiment check. They don’t play to their own strengths. They don’t focus on the things that will determine their success, they do a bit of everything.

    Before you take someone’s advice on such matters, ask them what they’ve done and assess their credibility. Let their work and people's reaction to it in the real world do the talking.

    Photo by Simon Archer Hurlstone.

    The internet is the equivalent of shipping in Victorian times or the Wild West in the 1870s.

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  3. crowdfunding

    Last week I wrote about us putting our latest venture on Crowdcube and how important we believe it is to allow everybody to participate in investing in startups.

    Since then people have asked what I meant by that or why we believe this.

    It’s inherently unfair that retail investors (regular people) get to invest in tech stocks only once they float on a stock exchange.

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    Investing in startups via crowdfunding

    Posted in by Tim Morgan on 03 December 2014


    We’re really interested in equity crowd funding. We believe that startups should be an asset class available to all investors large or small.

    That’s why when it came to raising a seed round for DeskBeers we decided to put it on Crowdcube It’s exciting for us to be able to allow people to participate in our venturing and to be able to invest as little as £10.

    You can see the pitch and the details here.

    We believe that startups should be an asset class available to all investors large or small.

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  5. The discovery typewriter

    Last week was a big week for Mint. We turned 10!

    It’s been a remarkable 10 years. We’re incredibly proud of all the work we’ve done: from working on a whole bunch of amazing client projects, to starting a TV production company. From spinning out and selling companies originated at Mint, to collecting our very own Mint menagerie.

    Now feels like the perfect time to reflect on where 10 years of making and breaking things has brought Mint.

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