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    Introducing Bacon

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 19 January 2012


    Bacon is a conference about all the stuff that developers love (for instance bacon, but also functional programming, machine learning, Android development, memes, databases, astronomy, HTML5, electronic music, etc.) It aims to support the emergence of Silicon Roundabout as a technology hub, reflecting the energy and diversity of London’s web scene.

    It's slightly inspired by Strange Loop - one of the best conferences we've been to - but with less emphasis on academic research and more on coding from the trenches. Confirmed speakers include Zach Holman of GitHub and Sean Treadway of SoundCloud. The call for proposals is still open. If you've got something you'd like to say, visit the Bacon site.

    Oh and it's on April 20th and 21st 2012, if you'd like to come. Tickets are from £265.

    Hope to see you there.

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    New Year Revolution

    Posted in by Utku Can on 11 January 2012


    Hello and happy new year from Mint!

    On January 1st, we launched New Year Revolution for Channel 4.

    The starting point for New Year Revolution was the observation that most of us make new year's resolutions, but few of us keep them. The ambition is that by harnessing faces of Channel 4 and the collective willpower of the social web, we might help people keep the resolutions, and have some fun along the way.

    In the first five days alone, we had over 20,000 join the revolution, and it is still gathering pace.

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    We're hiring designers

    Posted in by Utku Can on 30 November 2011

    Studio Mint Gang Identifiers

    Update: The interaction designer position has now been filled. We are still looking for our visual designer! 

    We are looking to grow the Mint Studio by adding two new designers to the team.

    We think designing here at Mint has to be one of the most exciting jobs around. Just in the last year, we launched Speedo Pace Club, the very magnetic Stickygram, "the award-winning"* Sexperience 1000, ran 2Screen 2011, launched Olly, the list continues...

    If you want to join this small team making big things, head over to jobs, take a look at the visual and interaction designer positions and drop us a line.

    We look forward to talking.

    * I always wanted to say that. 

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    We won a BIMA!

    Posted in by Utku Can on 11 November 2011


    Last night we were at The BIMA Awards 2011, where The Sexperience 1000 picked up the award for 'Best use of Data, Mashups & Data-Visualisation'. We were also delighted to be nominated for the 2011 Grand Prix award!

    Thanks go to all the Mints who worked on it, our tech partners for the project LingoBee, Ipsos MORI, Endemol and of course, Adam Gee and all at Channel 4 for allowing us to keep making great work.

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  5. I'd heard a lot about the mysterious and ever-growing Pocketmints meetups from across the pond. There had been six to date, they'd apparently been going from strength to strength and there was always a copious amount of food. So when I realised that my trip to New York would overlap with the seventh Pocketmints meetup I had many questions. Who would the speaker be? What would it be like? How much food is meant by 'copious'?

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