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Dough Globe

Posted in News by Utku Can


For the second year running, we hosted four graduates for three months at Mint under Foundry, our graduate scheme. This year, their brief was 'Make a toy that has a reason to exist.' What they ended up making is, well, insane.

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In ten years the classroom will be device-agnostic

Posted in Reflections by Noam Sohachevsky

A couple of weeks ago I popped along to FOTE: the Future of Technology in Education conference.

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Foldables Are Like...

Posted in News by Sandeep Gill

Facebook came out last week and made a bold statement - 'Chairs are like Facebook'.

We like chairs. Everyone likes chairs. So we got to thinking. What else are like chairs?



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How Mint is changing

Posted in Reflections by Noam Sohachevsky


I went to see my old pal Stephen Hardingham at Channel 4 last week. Before the meeting he said: "You could tell us about how things are going at Mint Digital these days."


This called for a short presentation. I hadn't seen Stephen in about 4 years, so here’s how Mint has changed since then.

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Foldable.Me launches

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Our 3D cardboard avatar creation service Foldable.Me launches today. The video above is a lovely introduction to Foldable, so to maximise the chance that you click on it, I won't write another word.

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