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4 Days 2 Launch

Posted in News by Laura Grace


Mint are off on our annual hack week /booze-a-thon - 4 Days 2 Launch (previously the Web App Weekender, until we realised it had ceased to be about web apps, and is no longer on a weekend).

Every year we head off to the seaside, divide into three teams and tackle a product development challenge designed to scratch our creative itches and sharpen our skills. The winning project from 2012's 4D2L was Foldable.Me, which was 1000% funded on Kickstarter and is now a thriving cardboard buddy creation business. The bar is high...

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Iteration 3

Posted in News by Utku Can

Although a little later than originally planned, Iteration 3 of the Mint site is now live.

This update brings in a new visual style. We updated typography and tweaked the colours a little, then styled all the pages in line with this. You'll notice it's a little basic at places, but this is our first take and I'm sure the style will change as we bring in more content.

I've also started documenting the iterations over at Flickr, if you wanted to see how the site is changing.

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MIDEM Music Hackday 2013

Posted in Reflections by Adam Rogers

This year I participated in the MIDEM Music Hackday. It was a great experience!

This is the third year the event has been run, but the first time I've participated in a hackday. I attended MIDEM last year and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but as an introverted hacker at heart, I was happy to spend a chunk of my time this year out of the way of synergies, ARPUs and (most of) the biz-dev stuff, focusing instead on hacking away at an idea I've been toying with on and off for the last year or so.

That idea materialised at the hackday in the form of "Mouzu". It's a pretty simple idea. In it's essence, Mouzu sets out to answer the question "what kind of music do you listen to?" - a question I like to ask people when I meet them, and one that more often than not yields the wholly unsatisfactory response "a little bit of everything". Really? Everything? Swedish Death Metal, Trad Jazz and Nosia? I think not.

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Mint Site: Iteration 1

Posted in News by Utku Can

The hardest person to design for is yourself. All intuition disappears and you over question every decision.

That's a familiar tale, I'm sure, to any digital company that ever embarked on redesigning their website. For ages, we too have been suffering from this. In the drive for perfection, it's easy to end up not doing anything. So, we decided to do something.

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Predictions for 2013 (Sans-Robot-Psychic, for now)

Posted in Reflections by Shoshi Roberts

How far can we get from predicting the future by looking backwards? Probably decently far, but I find it more fun to predict the future from sci-fi. If we can imagine it, we're that much closer to making it. This next year might not be the one where you get your flying car or your hover board, but I'd love to be proven wrong there. So, what can we expect to see from the exponential curve of technological progress in 2013?

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