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  1. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    StickyMa'am - Her Majesty in magnets

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 05 June 2012


    To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, we made a portrait of the Queen from 1000s of StickyGrams.

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    Foundry 2012: applications open

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 22 May 2012


    Last year Mint launched Foundry, our graduate placement scheme. It has two key principles:

    1. Don't get graduates in simply to help with jobs round the office.
    2. Hire people who don’t do what Mint does, to work on things Mint hasn’t done before.

    We're delighted to announce Foundry is coming back for 2012, and applications are now open.

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  3. An image of the author: Andy Bell

    Sexperience Awards

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 21 May 2012

    Following on from winning a BIMA (and geting nominated for the Grand Prix), Sexperience has been shortlisted for the Broadcast Digital award for Best Website.

    We are very proud of Sexperience. It delivers a valuable public service to the demographic who need it most. The video above explains more.

    In terms of stats, since its launch in 2008, Sexperience has generated:

    • Over 7 million visits.
    • Over 40 million page views.
    • 58,000 questions submitted.
    • 66,000 experiences shared.
    • 8:36 minutes average session length. (That's the longest session length of any Channel 4 site apart from games or 4oD.)
    If you'd like to visit Sexperience, here's the site and here's the visualiser.

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    Foldable You?

    Posted in by Andy Bell on 03 April 2012

    Wow! Our new project Foldable.Me has raised over 200% 500% of its funding target in its first week 20 days on Kickstarter.

    You can still pledge if you want to receive one of the first Foldables and get them at the pre-launch price.

    Foldable.Me seems to have struck a paper nerve.

    Wired Gadget Lab says:

    Papercraft, that’s the future of creating tiny effigies - especially ones of yourself.

    The Next Web says:

    Ever wish you could just post yourself somewhere and visit friends far away? Well Mint Digital has a solution for you. Foldable.Me is their latest and possibly one of their cutest endeavours.

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  5. An image of the author: Utku Can

    Foundry: Inventors of the Year

    Posted in by Utku Can on 21 March 2012


    Last summer was the inaugural year of the Foundry, our graduate scheme. Their brief was 'create something connected to the internet that doesn't live on screens'. In response, they came up with Olly, the web connected smelly robot. It turns your online notifications into smell.

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