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The Convince My Boss Videos

Posted in News by Laura Grace


Picture the scene: the BACON team are settling down for a strategy session. Mugs of tea in hand, thinking caps on, plates of crispy rashers at the ready.

We had decided to set ourselves a mission: How can we help someone convince their boss to let them attend BACON?

We reckon BACON offers tremendous value - but your boss might need a little  bit of persuading that a conference is a worthwhile investment of time and money. So, we could make one of those generic bullet-pointed pdfs...

Or we could do something a little bit more, well, BACON . Something tasty, tempting, and just the right amount of fun.

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BACON: The Speaker Q&A #1

Posted in Reflections by Laura Grace

Feeling hungry for some BACON?

In the run-up to this year's conference, we're going to be whetting your appetites every Friday with a quick-fire Q&A from one of our amazing speakers. We'll be grilling them on everything from their text editor of choice, to the way they like their bacon. It's going to be tasty...

First up is GitHub's Vicent Marti, whose BACON talk will be lifting the lid on the fascinating problem of dealing with scalability at the world's largest source code host.

Vicent Marti

Vicent Marti | http://vmg.im | @vmg

Vicent Martí used to make videogames, but he sold out because he likes to wear expensive clothes. Or any clothes at all. He now works full time as a systems engineer at GitHub, focusing on security and performance issues on the backend. He's also the maintainer of libgit2, the Git library that powers GitHub's backend and native clients. He takes long showers because he enjoys smelling nice. 

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BACON: Convince My Boss

Posted in News by Laura Grace

BACON is Mint's conference for developers, by developers, on things developers love.

Think music, rocket science, games and superheroes. Plus plenty of brain food - on everything from the history of Raspberry Pi, to why Go drinks Node and Scala's milkshake. It's all happening on April 12th and 13th, in central London. Oh, and there's bacon. Lots of bacon.

So, you're pretty much sold, right? But maybe you think your boss is going to need a bit more convincing?

Your worries are over. We've been cooking up something special, just for you...

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What we made at 4D2L

Posted in News by Noam Sohachevsky


Some of you are probably wondering what we made at 4D2L.

First, let's remind ourselves of the brief:

"The education industry is charging far too much for a product that is of questionable, and declining, value. Can we create a product or service that tackles some small part of this problem?"

This post is short and sweet, showing the things we made and a line about how we validated ideas. You might see more details on certain projects in the next few weeks.

So, what did we make?

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4 Days 2 Launch

Posted in News by Laura Grace


Mint are off on our annual hack week /booze-a-thon - 4 Days 2 Launch (previously the Web App Weekender, until we realised it had ceased to be about web apps, and is no longer on a weekend).

Every year we head off to the seaside, divide into three teams and tackle a product development challenge designed to scratch our creative itches and sharpen our skills. The winning project from 2012's 4D2L was Foldable.Me, which was 1000% funded on Kickstarter and is now a thriving cardboard buddy creation business. The bar is high...

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