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  1. An image of the author: Noam Sohachevsky

    Thanks CharityHack!

    Posted in by Noam Sohachevsky on 05 November 2012

    I joined CharityHack over the weekend. It was an awesome hack. I just wanted to say thanks.

    To @johnxcom and @sauliuz and the rest of the @charityhack crew.

    To the caterers, who fed us all so well. The mini-burgers were a delight.

    To all the hackers who made the place feel full of energy and drive.

    To @stefek99, half hacker, half raver, constant source of entertainment.

    To @pornelski, an excellent developer. We made OhCharity together and it scooped the top prize! (OhCharity needs some more work, don't make a widget just yet).

    I'm already looking forward to Charity Hack 2013.

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  2. I have just finished watching Rush'd

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  3. An image of the author: Utku Can

    Dough Globe

    Posted in by Utku Can on 26 October 2012


    For the second year running, we hosted four graduates for three months at Mint under Foundry, our graduate scheme. This year, their brief was 'Make a toy that has a reason to exist.' What they ended up making is, well, insane.

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  4. A couple of weeks ago I popped along to FOTE: the Future of Technology in Education conference.

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  5. An image of the author: Sandeep Gill

    Foldables Are Like...

    Posted in by Sandeep Gill on 09 October 2012

    Facebook came out last week and made a bold statement - 'Chairs are like Facebook'.

    We like chairs. Everyone likes chairs. So we got to thinking. What else are like chairs?



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