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Mint at Battle Hack London

Posted in Tech by Phil Nash

Battle Hack

We love a hack competition at Mint. We love them so much, we have our own yearly hack week every February and we even turned that into a way of working with clients. So naturally, when we get the chance to work alongside and compete with other hackers, we jump at it. Last weekend was the London leg of PayPal's global hack competition Battle Hack and Adam, Noam and myself were in attendance.

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What Mint learnt from 11 product launch failures

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell

Whenever Mint has a gap in our client work, we build and launch self-funded products. That's not uncommon amongst digital agencies. What is perhaps uncommon is our persistence. In eight years, we've launched eleven would-be businesses. Many were succailures, to use a word coined by Mills at USTWO, another London agency with a track record in this area. Succailures are great for learning, valuable in terms of PR, energizing for the agency... but ultimately failures as businesses.

Then, over the last two years, something wonderful happened. We hit upon an unmitigated success. StickyGram, our Instagram magnet printing service, sold over a million magnets to 90 countries and then was bought by PhotoBox in June (for an undisclosed sum that I wish I could tell you)

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Was It Something I Said?

Posted in News by Nikki Sherry


Towards the start of this year, we teamed up with Channel 4 and Maverick TV with the aim of creating an immersive play along experience for a new comedy quiz show called 'Was it Something I Said?'. We at Mint have worked with Channel 4 a long time and in fact, the show was inspired by a web property we made called Quotables.

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Come and say hello!

Posted in News by Noam Sohachevsky

Over the next few weeks, we're at some of the best conferences, events, and meet-ups that the world has to offer. If you are at any of them, come and say hello!

First up, Tuesday, I'll be at Publish! in London.

This Friday, Simon is in Chicago for the The Switch Workshop, learning about why customers switch from one product to another.

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Notes from Content Marketing World 2013 (II)

Posted in Reflections by Laura Grace

On Wednesday I shared an assortment of thoughts and insights gleaned from three days soaking up all Content Marketing World had to offer.

As that post was already getting pretty lengthy, I thought I'd save the bunch of resources I'd squirrelled away for a separate entry. So, here we have it - a content marketing cheat sheet of sorts. Seven tools I liked the look of at the CM World Expo; six live content marketing examples that stuck in my mind; and a handful of #cmworld tweets that I liked enough to save.


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