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PhotoBox buys StickyGram

Posted in News by Cameron Price


We are delighted to announce that StickyGram is joining the PhotoBox family. StickyGram was conceived in March 2011 and launched June 2011. These last two years have been an amazing voyage of discovery.

StickyGram will remain true to its mission of bringing your Instagrams to life in the real world, but will now have the resources of PhotoBox focused on improving the product, and developing new products to offer the StickyGrammers.

StickyGram is about more than fridge magnets. It's about memories made real. It was clear from our first conversations with PhotoBox that they understood this concept as clearly as we do. They understand what motivates the typical StickyGram customer, and they could see what was valuable about the brand.

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Meet Projecteo

Posted in News by Laura Grace


We'd like to introduce you to Projecteo. The tiny slide film projector that brings your favourite Instagrams to life in the real world. It's matchbox-sized, meticulously designed, and basically adorable. We’re pretty proud of this little guy.

A smash-hit Kickstarter success last year (funding at 450%), the response from our initial 2,789 backers has been hugely positive. And now we’re excited to set Projecteo loose on the rest of you...

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The problems with prototypes... and a solution!

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Prototypes sound good: they suggest innovation and flexibility, without the cost of setting anything in stone.

As a digital innovation agency, we’ve built a good few prototypes for our clients. Alas, these prototypes have been some of our least satisfying projects.

Yes, we've been inspired by the initial vision. Yes, we’ve worked hard to make the client happy. Yes, we’ve gone the extra mile to delight. And yet, and yet... something has never quite clicked.

4 Days 2 Launch

What goes wrong?


With no go-live date, difficult decisions get delayed.


There are bigger ambitions for a prototype than for a normal project. Freed from the constraints of shipping code, everyone hopes to create something game-changing. Extra features get added as the team grasp towards that big ambition.

Lack of Focus

Not wanting to blame the client, but... usually there’s no one at the client firm who is totally focused on the prototype. A prototype is often a bit of a hobby, somewhere down the to-do list.

Good digital products are often simple ideas kept sharp by hard design decisions. Prototypes pull in the opposite direction.

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BACON: The Speaker Q&A #6

Posted in Reflections by Kaye Symington

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the final edition of our BACON speaker series, before the event itself tomorrow, yes, tomorrow! Team Bacon are currently prepping the venue, getting the bacon sizzling, and getting psyched up for the big event.

Today's Q&A is brought to you by the wonderful Jake Archibald, who's aim is to make developers lives a bit easier, will be helping us render without any of those unnecessary lumpy bits at this weekend's conference.

Jake Archibald

Jake Archibald | http://jakearchibald.co.uk/ | @jaffathecake

Jake works in Google Chrome's developer relations team, working on specs, testing implementations, and ensuring developers have tools to make their jobs less painful. He's a big fan of time-to-render optimisations, progressive enhancement, and all of that responsive stuff. Prior to Google, Jake worked at Lanyrd on their mobile web site (http://lanyrd.com/mobile/), and for the BBC working on JavaScript libraries and standards. Outside of the web, Jake likes F1 and nice beer. 

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BACON: The Speaker Q&A #5

Posted in Reflections by Laura Grace

Today's edition of the BACON speaker series is an extra-large helping of delicious, bacony goodness, courtesy of the wonderfully loquacious Christian Heilmann.

In his Helping or Hurting? keynote, Christian will be exploring how we may be hurting the cause of the web by abstracting problems away, instead of learning by failing. Expect inspiration by the bucket load...

Christian Heilmann | http://christianheilmann.com/ | @codepo8

Christian Heilmann has dedicated a lot of his time making the web better. Originally coming from a radio journalism background, he built his first web site from scratch around 1997 and spent the following years working on lots of large, international web sites. He then spent a few years in Yahoo building products and explaining and training people and is now at Mozilla. Chris wrote and contributed to four books on web development and wrote many articles and hundreds of blog posts for Ajaxian, Smashing Magazine, Yahoo, Mozilla, ScriptJunkie and many more. 

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