A glorious month of Picklive

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I'm nervous about USA v England tomorrow. We all know that the USA has better dentistry, better writers, better mix-tapes, better magazines, higher GDP per head, more charismatic leaders. Football is what England is supposed to be good at. What makes it worse, there are characters in our New York office who will never shut up if USA win. 

The last time I cared so much about a football match was when Southampton got to the 2003 FA Cup Final. That time I got so over-excited that I passed out in a gutter at half time. 

Anyway, enough about me.

You are probably looking forward to a glorious month of football. Our sister company, Picklive, is looking forward to the most hectic month of their existence. They'll be covering every game. What's more, as of today you can play for real money. 

For those of you who don't know, Picklive is like real-time fantasy football. If standard football betting encourages you to focus on the big strategy, Picklive encourages you to focus on the tactics within a match (For instance: 'who should I substitute now?'). One of the investors described Picklive as 'Betfair meets Playfish' and I guess that explains it in a 'Raiders of the Lost meets 'Avatar' sort of a way.

Picklive was recently voted;best online football game;on influential blog EPL talk.

If you haven't played it, it is worth a try - especially as for the next month there are matches in work hours. 


  1. Profile image?screen name=thetimmorgan

    Tim Morgan

    11 June, 2010

    This is simply marvelous.

  2. Default avatar


    15 June, 2010

    Who all are in the windows?

  3. Default avatar


    16 June, 2010

    David, me and Salvatore.

    We had to press gang Salvatore and promise that we would never send the picture to his friends and relatives in italy.

  4. Default avatar


    17 June, 2010

    Yeah, and then you published it on the website.

    BUT, Technically, you didn't break the promise, so I'll have to live with that :D

  5. Default avatar


    18 June, 2010

    Hahahahah, Rino mi meraviglio di te!!!

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