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    Iteration 3

    Posted in by Utku Can on 31 January 2013

    Although a little later than originally planned, Iteration 3 of the Mint site is now live.

    This update brings in a new visual style. We updated typography and tweaked the colours a little, then styled all the pages in line with this. You'll notice it's a little basic at places, but this is our first take and I'm sure the style will change as we bring in more content.

    I've also started documenting the iterations over at Flickr, if you wanted to see how the site is changing.

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    Mint Site: Iteration 1

    Posted in by Utku Can on 15 January 2013

    The hardest person to design for is yourself. All intuition disappears and you over question every decision.

    That's a familiar tale, I'm sure, to any digital company that ever embarked on redesigning their website. For ages, we too have been suffering from this. In the drive for perfection, it's easy to end up not doing anything. So, we decided to do something.

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    Dough Globe

    Posted in by Utku Can on 26 October 2012


    For the second year running, we hosted four graduates for three months at Mint under Foundry, our graduate scheme. This year, their brief was 'Make a toy that has a reason to exist.' What they ended up making is, well, insane.

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    Hello Foundry 2012!

    Posted in by Utku Can on 30 July 2012


    A couple of months ago, we excitedly announced the return of Foundry for 2012. Following a call for applications, we took over one of the shipping containers at Boxpark and invited our shortlist down to a day long workshop, as part of Uncontained.

    The workshop was lots of fun and the selection process tough, but it now gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the team following the footsteps of Foundry 2011 and Olly. In their own words, they are…

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    Posted in by Utku Can on 21 June 2012


    We are delighted to announce Sexperience came away as the winner for 'Best Website' at last night's Broadcast Digital Awards.

    We have been working on Sexperience with Channel 4 for the last four years, improving it year on year. In this refresh, we concentrated on unifying the areas of the site under topics most relevant to teenagers. We also made waves with Sexperience 1000, an interactive data visualiser around sex we realised with the help of our partners Lingobee.

    Thanks to the Mints who all worked very hard on Sexperience, thanks to Endemol for their contributions and thanks to Adam Gee and all at Channel 4 for the opportunity to keep making great work. Last but not least, thanks to Broadcast Magazine for the hangover.

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