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    Foldables Are Like...

    Posted in by Sandeep Gill on 09 October 2012

    Facebook came out last week and made a bold statement - 'Chairs are like Facebook'.

    We like chairs. Everyone likes chairs. So we got to thinking. What else are like chairs?



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  2. I'd heard a lot about the mysterious and ever-growing Pocketmints meetups from across the pond. There had been six to date, they'd apparently been going from strength to strength and there was always a copious amount of food. So when I realised that my trip to New York would overlap with the seventh Pocketmints meetup I had many questions. Who would the speaker be? What would it be like? How much food is meant by 'copious'?

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    Debatables - Whose side are you on?

    Posted in by Sandeep Gill on 24 February 2011


    Early this month, everyone at Mint Digital decamped to Dorset for the 2011 Web App Weekender. This year’s challenge was to drive engagement to Quotables using the new API in four sleepless days and nights. Team Coupland have created Debatables: a brand-new debating platform which is raising the tone of online debate one quote at a time.

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