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WebApp Weekender 2011

Posted in News by Andy Bell

We are down in Dorset on our annual web application building competition.

Here are details of this year's challenge or browse #waw11 for latest chatter.

Update: the results

The Rewarder

Posted in News by Andy Bell


Out of control bonuses have been a prime suspect in the recent financial crisis.

At Mint, we took a different approach. Inspired by Love Machine, we've experimented with the following:

Instead of a management-led exercise in reviewing and ranking team members, simply give everyone in the company the same amount of money, and then tell them to give it away to everyone else, in any way they think makes sense.

(To be clear, 50% of the bonus was allocated in this way. The other 50% was given out at a flat rate across Mint, to ensure that everyone got a bonus in the event that the crowd-sourced approach strongly favored the few.)

What have we seen?

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Mint is 6

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Mint's sixth birthday

As well as being a feared member of QA Police, Bob D'Mello writes happy birthday emails for all the Mint. (This is a self-appointed role. No one asked him to do it.)

Bob is leaving today, to join the marketing machine (well, become the marketing machine) at our spin-out Picklive. In commemoration, and to demonstrate his own unique style, here's his final birthday email. Fittingly, it is for Mint itself, which is 6 today:

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Quotables Bookmarklet

Posted in News by Andy Bell

We've just launched a new feature that starts to make sense of the product vision for Quotables. Get the bookmarklet.

This had led to a rather unexpected but wholly delightful wave of publicity:

The Next Web gives Quotables 4.5/5 and says:

At its core, Quotabl.es is an nifty quick and simple way to collect quotes. It’s a beautifully designed web app that’s likely to inspire you to collect quotes even if you’re not one to normally do so.

Lifehacker says:

If you dig the occasional mind-moving quote, as we do, Quotables seems like the right place to keep them together.

TechCrunch Europe says

It’s fun and quick, as well as being potentially useful for recording those little gems of wisdom or idiocy online.

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Utku Can: Creative Director

Posted in News by Andy Bell


I'm delighted to announce that Utku Can has been made Creative Director of Mint.

Utku had an unusual route to Mint: He was hired after chatting to the CEO's wife while playing Blockles. Since then Utku has walked a line between unmanageable waywardness and unsackable brilliance.

Utku has been at the heart of many of Mint's most high profile projects including LivePitch, The Great British Sandwich and Benetton's IT'S MY TIME.

The creative team has two areas of focus: helping brands create big impact via mass-participation projects and finding ways for TV audiences to meaningfully engage online. Utku is closely involved with both areas, he's working on a bunch of interesting projects in the pipeline.

If you want to see him in action, he's speaking at the forthcoming 2Screen event this Thursday.


P.S. This means Mint has a vacancy in the team for a creative strategist. If you want to create work that makes people tweet 'Holy shit, this is awesome!', check out the details.

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