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Don't Be A Banker: Winners!

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Chris and Zac

At the start of the summer Mint announced the Don't Be A Banker Scholarship. Our aim was to create an opportunity for aspiring web entrepreneurs to avoid the lure of corporate grad schemes and channel their energy into launching their own business.

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An Idea Worth Stealing

Posted in Reflections by Andy Bell

I'm a country boy at heart. Summers would drift by lounging on a swingseat reading old New Yorkers and dreaming up punchlines to home-made jokes. But London marches to a different beat.

3.45pm last Thursday: the Mint office was buzzing. Both meeting rooms were taken. A sound system was being tested for the office-warming party. I had a presentation to write for a meeting at 5pm. I couldn't concentrate, so I nipped out to the park behind the office.

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Mint Links #3: Virgin Money Giving

Posted in Links by Andy Bell


JustGiving, launched in 2000, often used to be held up as a UK dot-com success story.

Recently I've seen lots of people using their competitor Virgin Money Giving (Launched October 2009), including, ahem, young Ramzi Bell. I know, a sponsored swim for a 10-month-old is ridiculous.

Initially I thought it was a shame to see a big corporate like Virgin is ripping off a plucky little startup like JustGiving. But Virgin Money Giving is a not-for-profit. Unlike JustGiving, there's no monthly subscription and no charges on Gift Aid. They do charge 2% on transactions, but that is lower than JustGiving's 5%.

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The Don’t Be A Banker Scholarship

Posted in News by Andy Bell

Enjoy Capitalism

Mint is awarding a scholarship of £4000 ($6000) to help a university leaver or recent graduate launch a business. We are looking for someone with a promising idea and the personal characteristics to turn it into a success.

If you win the scholarship, you will have two months to develop your idea, working in the entrepreneurial environment of Mint Digital.

At the end of this time the idea will remain 100% yours. We hope you'll want to develop it further with Mint, in which case we'll try to offer you a deal that will allow us to keep collaborating.

Why is Mint doing this?

We want to steer talented people away from a career in banking. We want to help create a new digital business. We think it might be fun.

What have you got against bankers?

We haven’t got anything against bankers. Our current CEO, our previous CEO and many talented Mints have worked in financial services.

It’s just that too many of the best and the brightest in the UK and the USA work for banks and other large companies, especially when they are first starting their careers. We believe there are better ways to enjoy capitalism.

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Mint Links #1: the Blast Off

Posted in Links by Andy Bell

Welcome to the first in a semi-regular series of a few things that caught our eye recently.


Net-a-Porter Live

Net-A-Porter's live fashion map shows one way the theatre of real world shopping can be re-created online. The execution perhaps falls slightly short of the rest of their site, and certainly short of Uniqlo, who've set the pace with these type of projects, but there is real energy to it. Clotaire Rapaille, in his half-genius, half-batty book The Culture Code, says the subconscious motivation for shopping is 'reconnecting with life'. With shopping such a social activity and e-commerce such a valuable activity, this is an area that is sure to be pushed further in the next few years.

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