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    Foundry 2013

    Posted in by Benjamin Redford on 23 July 2013


    Once again, it’s that most wonderful time of the year when a fresh ruckus of graduates sprout forth from various design education institutions around our fair isle. In my mind mind, this has come to mean three things:

    Graduate shows


    Mint Foundry

    One of the main objectives of Foundry is to provide graduates with a solid stepping stone into our industry, so they can sustain themselves going forward.

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    Hello everyone! I'd like to introduce our latest product, Projecteo.

    Projecteo is a tiny Instagram projector about the size of matchbox. It works by projecting light from an LED through a 'wheel' of instagrams developed onto Kodak 35mm slide film. Wheels are replaceable and hold nine images. You turn the wheel to cycle through your images.

    Projecteo smashed expectations and hit its Kickstarter goal of $18,000 in under 22 hours.

    The campaign has been covered by a range of great press and has even had celebrity endorsements. Highlights include:

    “Now this is SICK!!!” - Nick Cannon

    “For committed fans of retro photography apps such as Instagram, it could be the ultimate way to continue the retro theme.” - Daily Mail Online

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