Steve Jobs 1955-2011

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Our tribute, made from the parts of a MacBook Pro. By Mint Foundry.

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  1. Profile image?screen name=sara eh


    06 October, 2011

    Very impressive. Lovely tribute to a true visionary.

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    06 October, 2011

    Wow, such artistry, couldn't think of a better medium to honour him. Bravo

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    06 October, 2011

    Awesome guys

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    06 October, 2011

    Love this, nice one Utku!

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    06 October, 2011

    not a huge apple fan, even though work forces me to use them (!), but this is very classy and a worthy tribute to a man who saw technology and art move forward together in many ways. cheers guys.

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    Daniel Lim

    06 October, 2011

    Simply awesome guys! Keep up the good work. I've sure Steve would be proud of the work you've just created. RIP Steve, we'll be missing you.


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    06 October, 2011

    This would have been Google worthy! You should submit it.

  8. Profile image?screen name=dresouzax

    André Souza

    06 October, 2011

    Stunning tribute, guys.

  9. Profile image?screen name= everaldo

    Everaldo Coelho

    06 October, 2011

    that's beautiful.

  10. Profile image?screen name=iamoutnumbered

    Anjali Agarwal

    06 October, 2011

    Absolutely wonderful!

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    hl banks

    07 October, 2011

    well done

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    Mr Bill

    07 October, 2011

    Brilliant. Unique. A beautiful tribute to the Edison, Tesla, and Henry Ford of our fortunate generation. There will never be another like him. Yet, one day, there will be another with simimlar genius and we will know of that person by our seeing them on one of Mr. Jobs creations.

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    07 October, 2011


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    07 October, 2011

    Good job guys, A befitting tribute to Steve. Adieu Steve.

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    07 October, 2011


    I love it! And I would so much like to order a printed poster of this art, can it be done in any kind of way?

  16. Default avatar


    07 October, 2011

    I'd love to have a poster or print of this...

  17. Default avatar


    07 October, 2011

    Simply beautiful guys.

    I double Niklas' request, this would be such a fantastic poster! Any chance to get an high res version or simply order a poster? Cheers guys

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    07 October, 2011

    Excelent, wonderfull

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    Jon Kiddy

    07 October, 2011

    Stunning. Spooky, but stunning. I like it! Well done.

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    08 October, 2011

    espectacular tributo!

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    08 October, 2011

    Very original !! :-)

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    08 October, 2011

    thanks for not letting me download it. appreciate it. are you worried that we're going to like, make a coffee table book out of it or something?

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    john hajdar

    08 October, 2011


    very apposite

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    12 October, 2011

    wow. this would be really amazing if it were not an exact copy of something that i did with my prop stylist megan caponetto here in NYC, and was published ...... in september. I have heard of homage, but this is sad. Shame on MintDigital

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    12 October, 2011

    sorry, and it was published in US Newsweek.

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    12 October, 2011

    yep, a total copy of my pieces - both published. The first one was in November 2009 in Fortune magazine. Not cool at all!

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    Andy Bell

    17 October, 2011

    Hi Megan and Christopher,

    I'm really sorry you feel you were ripped off.

    I can promise is that Ben and Genis (the guys who created the portrait) and the rest of the team at Mint Foundry would run a mile from anything that has been tried before. If you had met the guys, you'd realise it's not in their make up to copy.

    It might be worth reading the original blog post, as it gives a sense of how the portraint came about:

    Very sorry you feel you were copied but I believe it is a genuine coincidence.


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