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Startups at Mint

Posted in by Andy Bell on 17 September 2012

My favourite Mint job ad ever said:

We all have a responsibility to help those less experienced than ourselves… It's the nature of life that we can never really repay those mentors, so the only thing we can do is help others to develop their skills as well.

What's true for individuals is also true for companies. Mint has been tremendously fortunate with the help we received - particularly from our chairman David Frank. We are keen to pass the good karma along.

For the next three months, we're sharing our London office with two startups:

  • Kooki - a mobile loyalty card app

  • SketchStreet - a crowd-sourced fashion community, with built-in fulfilment

We hope they'll benefit from mingling with like-minded souls. We hope to learn something from their entrepreneurialism.

(Close followers of Mint may notice this is similar to last year's Don't Be A Banker scholarship.)

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