Soulful ad for kick-ass job

Posted in News by Andy Bell

It's not often you get a soulful moment in a job ad. I love this sentiment from our normally stone-hearted CEO:

We all have a responsibility to help those less experienced than ourselves. Those of us who are experienced developers can all look back on mentors who helped us along the way. It's the nature of life that we can never really repay those mentors, so the only thing we can do is help others to develop their skills as well. At Mint many of our "junior" developers have moved into senior roles in the last two years, and we're very proud of this aspect of our culture.

We are hiring a variety of developers (London, New York or Glasgow) and an interaction designer in London.


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    22 July, 2010

    Think of yourself as a learned Mr Miyagi, mentoring the Daniel Laruso's of the developer world.

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