Quotables hits the prime time

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We quietly launched Quotables about six weeks ago. Today, it nudged closer into the limelight.

Jemima Kiss wrote in the Guardian PDA: "Channel 4's latest web project reinvents quotations for the Twitter age."

Ewan McIntosh wrote on edu.blogs.com:

A beauty of a service, finally providing a beautiful, slick home for the world's best quotations. It's a brilliant resource for any student of history, English language, Classics, science, or PowerPoint 101.

Never again will I have to suffer inaccurate citing in keynote presentations, or dinner parties where people quaff fine wine while stealing great one-liners with the catch-all "I don't know where this comes from, but..."

Adam Gee, the Quotables champion at Channel 4, wrote on the 4iP blog:

There are certain factors that set Quotables apart from the various other quotations websites around:

1. Improvable

As Wikipedia has clearly proven, it is powerful to have a structure where everything can be edited, refined and improved by the community.

2. Hierarchical

All users can show which quotes they love. This enables the best and most appropriate quotations for any tag, author or source to rise to prominence.

3. Annotatable

Anyone can add notes to a quotation, so that often there will be background information for an individual quotation – what the original context was, where it’s been used, how it’s been interpreted, etc.

Martha Lane Fox, founder of LastMinute.com, tweeted "i do really like this little site for high class online quotes backed by gang at c4"

Also, you can win an iPad if you tweet a quote before midnight today details here.

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